Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stella is 8 months old (almost)!

Stella will turn eight months old in just a few days and boy has she changed since we've moved from TX. She nows sits without support, has begun to babble and laughs a lot more.

She still loves to stick out her tounge and to tries to blow raspberries.

She doesn't care to sit much. In fact, she stiffens like a board whenever I try to sit her on the ground because she knows I will likely leave her there with her toys and do something else.

She is still a big mommy's girl. She is OK if I'm not arround but doesn't want anyone else to hold her if I'm in the room.

I enjoy seeing her interact with her brother and sister.  Carson loves his baby sister 'tella'.

It's ironic how the kids will yell to tell me 'mommy the baby is crying' while I'm in the same room as them trying to finish up what I'm doing before attending to Stella.  Carson will some times lay on the ground next to her when she is upset and tries to confort her. It's so sweet to see my baby boy act as a big brother.

I love her miscevious expressions!