Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celebrating Fall with Friends

Two weekends ago our family got together with some friends of ours from Texas. We went to my favorite fall spot in the area, Gardener's Village and afterwards walked through a corn maze.

Gardener's Village was incredibly busy. When we planned our get together, I didn't realize it was going to coincide with their celebration. One of the booths there was selling zebra tomatoes, which look like miniature watermelons but taste just like a regular tomato.

We went on a witch hunt with the kids and spotted them in a lot of interesting places (i.e. riding a bike like ET or doing their business in an outhouse while reading the comics).

There was a stage where the kids got to dance to Halloween music. Emilia had no inhibition. She was there shaking her head like a rock star :)

The girls got their faces painted, eat caramel apples and cotton candy. The usual fun stuff.

It took a long time to get Stella to look at the camera for a picture. She just kept playing with the leaves and trying to eat them. A complete stranger stood besides us trying to take a picture of her also - a bit weird if you ask me. Eventually she gave up and walked away and that's when Stella decided to grace us with a beautiful gummy smile.

Afterwards we took the kids to a corn maze. I haven't done one in years. The little ones had a blast running ahead of us trying to figure out which way to go. Luck for us we had Porter to heard them back to us every few minutes. 

This weekend we attended Todd's parents ward Halloween Trunk or Treat. Emilia was delighted to put on some of mommy's make up. Carson was so cute dressed up as a train engineer that he scored a lot of candy.  Stella, who is cute no matter what she wears, was wearing a 1950's girl poodle skirt.