Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stella's Giggles

Stella is now seven months old. She's sitting up without any support, although she doesn't like it because she knows that every time we sit her down on the ground we walk away. Which is true. So every time we try she stiffens up like a board and stands up, or lays on her back.

Once she begun sitting up she stopped rolling. She rarely does it anymore. Now to get around she pushes down with her feet while laying on her back and inches forward with her body until she gets stuck in a corner somewhere.

She's once again really attached to me. She doesn't really care for anyone else to hold her if I'm in the room and wants to be picked up if she sees me.

Now that Todd is going into work, she only sees him for a few hours a day so she's not happy when he holds her either. I'm sure this phase will change and she'll be a real daddy's girl.

This is a video of my giggly princess.