Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Emilia's first day of school

Emilia's first day of Kindergarten was Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. I tried to enroll her the Monday after I arrived but the school made a big fuss over the fact that I was missing the date of her first Heptatitis B shot, although she had official records of the two booster shots.They would not admit her unless she had that information. 

Todd had to fax a request to the health department in TX to get an official copy with that information. 

Because of the large amount of students in her school district, many elementary schools, including the one Emilia attends follow a track system. Track D is the one that starts the latest. I was hoping she would be enrolled in it so she would not miss a lot of school but when the school called me they told me she had been assigned track B, which had been going since mid July and was going off track for the next month.

I thought 'Great! I try to get my daughter enrolled in school so she won't fall behind and she is not even going to attend because we'll likely move before they start her track back up.'

So I called the principal and left a message for him to call me back. He never did. By then my blood was boiling. School is mandatory but you really don't want my kid in it.

I call again a day later and explained my situation: it's only temporary, she's a bright child I don't want her to fall behind, etc., etc. He promised to call me back within an hour to let me know if he could do anything to help, although he made it clear it was unlikely.

Three hours later.. he called me with the good news that she could start on Thursday. I was ecstatic! 

Then I got a call from the school last week telling me that Emilia's Hepatitis B shots were too close together and that she needed at least six months between the first and last. Hers were five months and two weeks. REALLY??

Since she's already been vaccinated I can opt for the waver due to religious/health or personal reasons so in the end she will still have to have another shot to comply with the crazy laws that keep kids out of school.