Friday, June 1, 2012

Winer alert: a difficult week

I debated writing this post. I try to see the good in all things and recognize the many blessing I've been given but some times everyone reaches a tipping point and then it doesn't take much to go over the edge. For me it was Carson crawling into my bed this morning with his shoes on and leaving mulch, leaves and mudd all over the sheets that upset me and make me cry.
Seeing me unhappy worried Emilia so she went to Todd's office and told on me to her dad. Of course, Carson's behavior wasn't a big deal so I felt even more frustrated having to explain to him why such a dumb thing had made me so sad.

What's at the core of the matter is all of the stress that I've been accumulating over the past few months. Stella's colic behavior, dealing with the terrible twos, coping with my dad's cancer, trying to be strong for my mom, my church responsibilities, plus all the hard work that goes into being a mom have really taken a toll.

To add to it on Friday, right before we left for our camping trip, we noticed there was water around one of our toilets and that the wood floring outside the bathroom was damaged because of it. Since it hasn't rained for about a month, we couldn't figure out the source of the flooding.

When we returned from our camping trip the water problem had gotten worse and expanded to our living room, laundry room and eventually bar area. The rain over the past few days did not help the matter.

Since the problem begun before it rained we thought it was a plumbing problem. We hired a leak detection company and they assured us our plumbing is fine. We have A/C pipes that run through the bathroom wall where the flooding had started so we have an A/C person coming to see if there is a leak in the refrigerant line that may be causing it. Although it is a little implausable to think that the A/C unit would have generated as much water as we have had.

The only other alternative is that water coming from my neighbor is making its way into our yard and evenvtually our house, which is much more likely. Unfortunatelly, home owner warranties don't cover damage from outside water so we've already spent hundreds of dollars trying to detect the problem to no avail.

Can you see why I'm frustrated? On top  of everything I've been dealing with, I have a flooding issue that keeps getting worse and with no apparent solution. I can't use my laundry room or living room. My house smells like mold. I'm getting upset all over again just thinking about it!

I chose to write about it for two reasons. First, I wanted to document the problem and second, I hope reading about my troubles makes you feel grateful for what you have and your trials seem less burdensome.