Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stella's first swim

My little girl is getty chunky. I absolutelly love all of her rolls. When she got the swimming suit she is wearing in the picture she was still too little to fit in it. Last week when she wore it for her first swim, she barely fit in it. Since she had already had a dirty diaper that day I decided to let her go without it. I don't think she would have fit into her swimming suit with a diaper on.

I got my braces off earlier that day. I now have to wear a retainer day and night for six months. the great thing is that I can at least take it off for pictures, which is what I did. I removed it and tried to conceal it for the picture by grabbining it with the hand that held Stella.

All of a sudden I felt like one of the kids in the pool had just splashed me while I was posing for the photo. I jumped to move away from the rushing water that seemed to follow me around while she looked at me wondering what all the fuss was about. No such luck. Stella had just emptied her bladder all over my brand new retainer. 

How can you get upset at such cute little thing? I just had to rinse it off and wear it again. After all, isn't urine sterile? Maybe she was just washing it for me.