Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

May is a fun month for me. I get to celebrate my wedding anniversary, mother's day and my birthday over two weeks' time.

I was reflecting upon the meaning of each celebration and realized that although we usually make a big deal of birthdays to me mother's day is a lot more important.  A birthday just marks the passing of time where mother's day is a special day to recognize the love, prayers, joys, memories, hard work, sacrifices and everything else that makes up motherhood. Being a mother is a conscious decision that requires daily personal commitment and trust in the Lord. On the other hand, getting older happens whether you like it or not.

This year my parents came to our ward to watch Emilia sing to mothers with the Primary. Carson is still in nursery but when he saw all of his friends walk towards the stage he decided that's where he should be and followed Emilia to the front of the Chapel. Emilia was very sweet and did an awesome job singing. Carson looked very handsome standing next to her. I was a proud mama!

We had an enjoyable afternoon. The elders' came over for dinner and we went on a walk to the park. I loved my lazy Sunday afternoon. I was even able to get caught up on the blog.

You don't necessarily have to give birth to a child to be their mother. We've been greatly blessed to have several second mothers for my kids in our lives.

Besides me, they have two wonderful grandmothers: grandma Humphries and Nonna; and three terrific friends: Nicole, Liz and Brenda. All of these people shower them with love and affection and are a great positive influence in their lives. At this stage in my life my most valuable earthly posession is time. With three little ones there is just never enough of it and it's worth its weight in gold. I often feel pulled in three different directions all demanding my undivided attention.

I love how each of my kids wonderful second mothers offer them the attention they need and helped them grow.  For example Emilia has learned a lot about plants and gardening from my neighbor Liz. The kids have become less afraid of swimming because of Nicole and are more affectionate because of Brenda. Every time they attend a church meeting they seek her out, run to her and give her a hug and kiss.

Grandma Humphries is their camping grandma. They love all the fun they have whenever we go visit Todd's family. My mom is the one who teaches them spanish. She is also wonderful at getting them to eat dinner. (Not an easy task with Emilia.) An these are just a few of the things that come to mind.

As the saying goes 'It takes a village to raise a child' and I feel my children are beign raised by the best mothers in our village.