Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! We had a great day among friends and family. The kids have been celebrating the holiday with chocolate bunnies and other candy for the past two weeks. All that sugar has been gradually increasing and it reached it max yesterday evening. By 9:30 pm the kids were wired up and it was hard to get them to go to bed. So today I'm experiencing the other end of the pendulum swing - they are simply exhausted. Carson woke up at 8 am and fell asleep again at around 11 am. He hasn't done that in a year.
With Todd out of town it's been nice to have some quiet time while the kids sleep. Now, if I could make myself take a nap aswell.

On Satuday we were invited to an Easter party at our friend's house. The kids did crafts and hunted for eggs in the back yard. They had an absolute blast. It was nice to celebrate with friends as guests. On Sunday evening we had another egg hunt at our house for our kids and their friends. Our kids had so much candy in their baskets, it felt like Halloween.

Another of our family traditions is decorating hard boiled eggs. This year the kids chose a glittery kit and paint that they could roll over their eggs instead of dipping them into the dye. The kids were very creative with them.

This last week was a bit stressful for me as I was trying to juggle my regular family responsibilities, make time to celebrate this special holiday with the family and prepare to give the Sacrament Meeting talk on Easter at my church.

I have to say that preparing the talk forced me to focus on the real reason for why we celebrate Easter instead of letting the secular celebrations be the main part of our family's Easter holiday. I had several conversations with Emilia about Christ's cusifixion and resurrection.  Although she enjoys celebrating Easter because of the candy and treats,. she also understands that sweets and toys is not what it is all about.