Monday, April 9, 2012

Christ, the symbol of my faith

I was asked to speak in Sacrament meeting on Easter Sunday. It was a wonderful opportunity to reallyh focus on our Savior's life during the weeks preceeding Easter.

President Hinckley has said that as a church we see the cross as a symbol of the diying Christ and that "Our lives are the most meaningful expression of our faith and the symbol of our worship.”

I believe we are sent into this world to learn, grow and serve. We can learn much from Christ's sacrifice and we should emulate his example. Christ's atonement ended sacrifice by shedding of blood but we are still commanded to make sacrifices in our lives with love.

I've been sent to this earth for a divine purpose only I can fulfill. I love the quote from Sis. Elaine Dalton, Pres. of the General Young Women Organization of my church "If you want to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world."

I want to make a difference in my children's lives as well as in the lives of those around me. It is much easier to go with the flow than to stand your ground. I admire those that stand up for what they believe, whether I agree with them or not. I have recommitted myself to do what is right, rather than what is convenient or easy even if it requires sacrifice.