Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas pictures

Emilia has been excited for Christmas for weeks and couldn't wait to help decorate the house for the holidays so on Thanksgiving morning we decided to decorate our tree and the next day finished putting out decorations through out the house.

Both Carson and Emilia are old enough to help hang ornaments on the tree so we turned on some Christmas carols and had a fun time getting everything set up.

Although I love fall and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I have to admit that Emilia's excitement rubbed off on me because I feel like I'm on top of things and am enjoying the season.

This weekend we also had out traditional photo shoot in front of the tree. Carson just wanted to lay down on the coffee table the whole time, so we had a hard time getting a good picture of him. Emilia, on the other hand, is a ham so we couldn't decide what picture of her to choose for our Christmas cards.

We've learned over the years that the first few shots are the best so we try to keep the pictures to a minimum amount of time. This year was no exception. The picture of the two kids together was one of the first Todd took.

One more thing to check off my list. Woohoo!