Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Carson is two years old

I'm so glad for pictures! As I looked back through my photos to find some of Carson from a year ago I was amazed at how different he looks now. I didn't remember how he looked on his first birthday.

Last week we celebrated his second birthday with family and some close friends. He still doesn't care much for opening presents but is very interested in playing with them once they are unwrapped. It was a slow process because he had to play with each for a while before being coaxed into opening another one.

Carson LOVES the Disney animated movie Cars and its main character Lightning McQueen, so that was the theme for the decorations. And, as you can tell, he really enjoyed his cupcake.
Here are some of Carson favorite things:
- Playtime: He loves to play with the drums and guitar from the game Rock Band. He enjoys playing with trucks and cars and imitating their noises. He also likes to play with his big sister Emilia. He's game for anything she's doing. Probably his most favorite thing is the IPad. Carson loves to watch videos and play games on it and has become very well versed with it.
- Food: Carson is a good eater. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza. He likes to sit on dad's lap at meal time and drink milk from his grown up glass. Carson also has a very sweet tooth and loves to drink juice over milk or water.
- Behavior: Carson still sucks his thumb. He knows he's not supposed to do it so he tends to lean against something, wrap his free arm around his face and suck his finger for a few seconds.
Carson is a very affectionate boy. He especially loves to show his love to our dog Arthur. He often leans on Arthur to hug and kiss him on the back. Arthur is not as fond of Carson though and only puts up with it for a few seconds before growling or standing up to find another place where to lay down.
- Vocabulary: His vocabulary keeps growing everyday. He knows how to call for each family member and the names of close friends and family. He repeats what we say and is able to put multiple words together to make sentences.  Some of his favorite words and expressions are "me do it, iPad, what happened?, Milia (Emilia) where are you?, Twinkle (star)"
- Aside from Lightning McQueen, Carson also is a big fan of the Canadian cartoon Caillou and of course, Mickey Mouse.
Physical traits: At his check up on Dec. 6 he was 35' 1/4" tall (75 percentile) and weighted 27 lbs (35 percentile). He has actually grown in weight percentile in the last six months by ten points.

In looking back at pictures of when he was first born I saw several of Emilia holding him at the Hospital. I can't believe he'll be the one holding a baby sister in his arm in just a couple of months. I'm not ready for my baby to be a big brother although I know how sweet and nurturing he is and have no doubt he'll smother our baby girl with cuddles just like he does with Arthur.