Sunday, July 3, 2011

Update - Grown ups


Last week we celebrated father's day as a family. Todd go a new RC helicopter like his older brother. He can't wait to take it to Utah when we go visit his family.

He is such a wonderful father and a great husband. He's had to take care of the kids a lot during these past two weeks while I attended and recovered from back to back girls camp and youth conference. The kids enjoyed the time they got to spend with him.

Last month we also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. What a milestone! Looking back, I feel we have been very blessed and I am grateful that we found each other.

Us on our second anniversary in the Grand Canyon.


I really enjoy the month of May. We celebrate something every week - anniversary, mother's day and my birthday. It's a lot of work for Todd since he is in charge of celebrating each of those occasions but once he gets it out of the way he doesn't have to worry about anything else until Christmas.

As usual the kids were super excited about opening gifts and blowing the candles on the cake.
Do you know those pop up ads that say "someone in your town just lost 30 lbs with this simple secret?" Well, I think I took ten years off my looks with one simple secret... braces.