Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Yellowstone Vacation - Part 1

This year we traveled to Yellowstone National Park with Todd's family for our annual summer vacation. It was a lot of fun for the kids. Carson and Emilia really enjoyed spending time with their cousins or 'friends' as Emilia calls them.

Emilia's favorite thing to see were the waterfalls. There has been so much rain and snow in the mid-west this year that the grass is still really green on the mountains and the streams haven't dried up. The locals were concerned with flooding if it got warm too fast. I doubt that it's become a real problem. Flag Ranch, our camp ground at Grand Teton National Park, got down to the 30's at night and it stayed that cold until mid morning when the sun warmed us all up. I really missed my Texas heat!

People say you can always add layers when you're cold but who wants to walk around with so much clothing on that you can't bend your knees and elbows anymore? I'd rather just take a dip in the pool.

We saw a lot of wild life while we were there. One of the days we followed a bison and her calf walking along the road for quite a while. It looked as if she was leading a parade of cars.  We also saw elk and deer and several eagle in their nests.

Carson enjoyed playing in the dirt and fire pit ashes back at camp. We just gave up trying to keep him clean.

We saw old faithful and castle geiser erupt. We were standing on the wrong side of old faithful and got misted by the water the wind blew our direction. Luckily the water was no longer boiling by the time it reached us. Emilia thought sulfur smelled like yummy eggs. I thought it stunk.