Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Yellowstone Vacation - Part 2

 The waterfalls at Yellowstone Park were simply spectacular. I loved to listen to the roaring sound of the water crashing against the rocks and to see the white mist fly up concealing the falls true height.

We also visited a fish hatchery near Jackson Hole, Wyoming that raises cutthroat trout. They had couple of tanks filled with females fish that they used for their eggs. A tank inside the facility held about 100 thousand little fish a few weeks old. They were so little their food was ground to the consistency of cocoa powder so they could swallow it.

We had lunch at Jackson Hole City Park. The kids had a lot of fun running around and listening to grandma Humphries read stories. Downtown Jackson is filled with decorations of bears carved out of wood and antlers. The flower hanging baskets are ginormous. I can't believe how big and colorful some of them were.