Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home Improvement Part 1: Playroom

I've tackled a home improvement project every month since we've been back. In November I changed the nursery into a playroom and moved the two kids into one bedroom.

They had been sharing a room since July so it wasn't a big deal for them to get used to the idea. Emilia had a hard time giving up her princess bedroom but we were able to find a compromise by converting the walk-in closet in the playroom to her special princess dress-up area.

The best part is that it cost less thank $100 for the whole thing.

I wish I had pictures of the nursery for a before and after comparison but the after will have to do.

I have so many favorites about the room:
1. Almost everything is at my kid's reach and yet neatly stored away
2. The spinning art supply storage buckets
3. Hanging display of kid's art, preschool and primary handouts, calendar of events
4. Reading nook with books on the shelf for Emilia and on the red bucket for Carson
5. Emilia's princess beauty parlor. You can't see the canopy that hangs from the ceiling giving her little room a pink hue
6. Window reading bench

I'm very happy with the way it turned out.