Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last Day in Kauai

There are still a couple of fun things we did while we were in Kauai that I haven't blogged about.
Our last day we went full cycle by going back to Poipu, the first beach we'd been to upon arriving to Kauai three months prior.

It's amazing how much of the life people live there is tied to the changes in season and weather conditions around the world.  A hurricane in Tahiti or New Zealand means rough water three or four days later - great for surfing!

Even though the temperature hadn't changed much since our first day, the water level was higher and fishermen were out trying to catch dinner for their bbq at the beach later that night.

Look at the center picture closely. Can you see what the guy is doing? He is killing the octopus by biting it's head in between the eyes. It took him a couple of tries. The thing kept wrapping all over his head.  Yuck! I think everyone's reaction was the same as that of my friend in the picture right above it.

Once the octopus was dead it changed color from brown to white in less than ten seconds.

That's one thing I love about Kauai. You can go to the same place twice and experience something completely different each time.