Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little of everything

Instead of exploring and experimenting these last few weeks we've been doing more of the things we enjoy.

We have gone paddle boarding a few times. While my mom was visiting Todd and I were able to go out together from Hanalei Bay to Hideaways beach. It's not far but we had to leave the comfort of the familiar bay to paddle to Hideaways.

We spent time with friends from Utah that are now living in Kauai. They have an adorable little girl that is close to Emilia's age. They are great friends and love to play together.

There is a domesticated bunny that has lost his home who comes and visits us regularly. He likes to hang out under our car or in the back yard. He lets us pet his fur and feed him carrots. Emilia really enjoys seeing him and goes out to the lanai every morning to look into the back yard for him.

I can't believe our adventure in Hawaii is drawing to an end. I will miss the sunsets, the ocean and the beautiful landscape.