Monday, September 20, 2010

Secret Beach and Falls

There is a beach visible from the Kilauea light house called Secret Beach. It's really not so secret since people at the light house are given binoculars and told to look for sea birds and seals on the beach.

They should post signs along Secret Beach that warn people of onlookers. Maybe it would stop some from undressing completely (which is illegal BTW) thinking nobody is around.
We decided to check out the beach as a family on Wednesday afternoon. After walking a while with the kids we stopped and let them play in the sand while we debated going the final stretch.

A few hundred feet up ahead there was a lady sunbathing. I didn't think much of it and kept looking after the kids. A few minutes later Todd turns to me and says 'Is that a naked woman on the beach?!'

For once I'm glad his eye sight is not as good as mine. She was in her full glory walking towards us to meet a friend. I kept giving her fugitive glances in disbelief. It was not a pretty sight.

 She joined her girlfriend and they walk along the beach away from us for a while. I can't believe she could hold a casual conversation with someone while totally disrobed.

The following day we took a different route and went to Secret Falls which are on the other end of Secret Beach.  This is our second time visiting the falls. The first time we hiked to them along the beach. While walking we met a really nice man and his daughter who live by the falls. They invited us to their house where we met the rest of their family.

We ended up spending time with them and not much time at the falls. Their house had an awesome view of the beach and a private easement that goes to the falls which is shared among several other of their neighbors including Ben Stiller. I can't even imagine how much those houses cost.

The waterfall is really pretty but there are a ton of bugs on the top area by the river. Luckily the bottom section where it reaches the ocean is not bad at all. There are small but deep ponds of water formed by the high tide with all kinds of fish. 

We even saw a humuhumunukunukuapua'a  trapped in one of the ponds. Now learn to say that word! There were crabs crawling allover and a toad relaxing by the falls. I'm glad we were able to go back and enjoy the scenery once more.