Friday, September 17, 2010

Princeville path to Anini Beach

There is this wonderful tree corridor in Princeville that goes a long ways from the entrance to the community all the way to Anini beach. I've been wanting to explore it for a while so last Friday I decided to take the kids for a walk and explore. We didn't make it all of the way down to the beach that morning - that's how long the tree path is!

Everything in Kauai is always green. I was so excited to see fall foliage on the ground.

The photo on the left is one of my favorite ones I've taken of Emilia since we've been here. I kept telling her to stop poking the flower on the ground with her stick while I was snapping a picture of it, all the while missing  more beautiful shot. Luckily I stepped back and realized what I was doing wrong and was able to take the picture of her playing with the flower.

Isn't it the same with life at times? We spend so much focusing on the little, meaningless things of life and forget to enjoy the more beautiful and more important things that surround us.

We finished hiking the trail with Todd a few days later. If I could live anywhere in Kauai I would probably choose a house facing Anini's beach. The water is great for kids to play in - warm, shallow and calm - it is good for snorkeling and it is mostly locals that hang out there.