Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our first Luau

We attended our first Luau on Saturday. It was organized by the Kalaheo Ward and, for a church activity, they really went all out. The food was great and the entertainment was very enjoyable.

There was so much food! They started with Pupu's (appetizers), then the main course and finally desserts.  Besides the 'regular' food, we tried a couple of different types of freshly caught fish, raw shellfish, taro poi, poke, clear noodles and coconut pudding.

The locals downed the taro poi and went back for seconds. I didn't care much for it. The raw shellfish was also not my favorite. It was grainy and tasted like ocean water. The rest of what I sampled was delicious.

The hula dance and singing was also a lot of fun to see. The performers played the Ukulele, danced, sang  and kept the rhythm with several traditional instruments. I can't wait until we attend the one held at the Polynesian Cultural Center!