Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kayaking the Hanalei River

Kauai has three beautiful rivers to kayak. The most famous and larger of the three is the Wailua River. We plan on tackling that river very soon but before going on it we wanted to test the waters by kayaking the Hanalei river with the kids.

Carson didn't like the life jacket on him too much. Luckly he fell asleep 20 minutes into our trip and slept for almost two hours. If you look closely at the picture of me paddling you can see him laying down at the front of the kayak.

The water was very calm and pretty shallow. At times it looked like a mirror reflecting the sky and vegetation around it. We were pretty isolated on the way out except for the occasional paddle boarders headed back towards the bay.

We crossed some narrow straits of water where the trees have grown so close together that they almost touch. It was fun to look for turtles sitting on top of roots or branches sunbathing. If were were quiet enough, they wouldn't even move as we passed them.