Sunday, January 17, 2010

Carson all dressed up for church

Carson is still changing a lot from one day to the other. Today I got him all dressed up to go to church. He looked so adorable I had to snap a few pictures. It was hard to choose the cutest ones to post.

He's a lot more alert now. He's a wake a lot more and he loves looking around at the lights and the ceiling.

Emilia wasn't very happy about having her picture taken.

I had to slip this funny looking picture. I wonder if he was hungry or filling his pants. Or maybe both?


Vicky said...

I can hardly wait to hold him. He is growing so fast. He doesn't look like a new born any more. He is so handsome in his new suit.

Tina said...

Awww... what a Q-T!!!! Love the tie!!! The pictures are adorable!

The Hofer Family said...

Love the tie.

Kendra said...

He is so cute, and looks like Todd! I love baby boy church clothes!