Sunday, January 17, 2010

Carson's Baby Shower

Last Saturday some friends from church threw a baby shower to celebrate Carson's arrival. I appreciate all of the time and effort they put into the party.

The food looked and tasted great.

The decorations were very cute.

The games were fun and the company was the best.
Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery life so I don't have more pictures to share.

Some of the people that came to the party rang the doorbell before entering the house. Those already there would answer the door and invite the guests in.

A lady came to the door with a box, but when she was invited to come in she politely refused because she could not leave her vehicle. When we looked at the street to see her car and try to understand why she couldn't leave it where it was, we realized she was the mail lady delivering a box. We all just assumed she was coming for the party.

Thank you to all of you that came, I really enjoyed it.