Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Potty Training

I'm on day four of potty training Emilia and I finally feel like we're getting somewhere. No more rejections when I asked if she needs to go to the bathroom.

Sunday evening was the worse. She had an accident in the family room so I picked her up and took her to the toilet while I cleaned up. When I heard the toilet flush, I went to check on her... I found half a roll of toilet paper clogging the toilet. It filled up the bowl and overflowed into the bathroom floor. Another mess to clean up... I was really ready to put a pull-up on her and call it quits!

My strategy is pretty simple:
1. No pull-ups or underwear at home - she's just wearing a dress
2. Kitchen timer set up to 30 minutes - every time it goes off it is time to go to the potty
3. If she does go, she runs to the 'surprise couch' for her surprise - usually a couple of smarties. I did give her a lettuce leaf once to see her reaction. She tilted her head and looked at me as if to say "Who are you kidding?"
4. We keep books and toys that are for the bathroom only
5. Turned on the faucet - the sound of running water made her want to go

One thing is for certain, I'm not going back :)


Marie said...

Cleaning up the toilet mess was NO fun, I'm sure! It will pay off soon though, if it hasn't already! And a lettuce leaf? HAHA... that made me giggle! =)

Katie said...

Good luck!! I just went through the same thing with Ben, he know goes all by himself and he doesn't wear a pullup except to sleep in. When we are out though he has to stop at every bathroom but I am not complaining I am not spending so much money anymore!!!

The Thornton Family said...

Good luck hope its going better for you then me. I am about ready to give up.

Tina said...

A lettuce leaf!! HAHAHA. You are too funny! I like the idea of the surprise couch! Good luck with everything! I DETEST potty training! Gratefully Braden is being an ANGEL about it (so far at least... KNOCK ON WOOD!)

Andrea said...

Sounds like great strategy. And just keept that determination and consistency. :)

Good luck!

Claudia said...

Cianna does exactly the same with the toilet paper, so I opted for putting the toilet paper in the cabinet above my toilet. So next time you come to my house you know where the toilet paper is at.

I should tell you that soda works wonders in the potty training process. Give her soda all day... It's diuretic, so it will make her want to pee more often helping her recognize the feeling.

Good Luck!!!