Thursday, August 6, 2009

WARNING: Really disgusting post!


Emilia likes to hide under our kitchen table and play with Arthur. She feeds him, wrestles with him and plays with him and her toys. Today after lunch was no different. I left the two playing there while I went back to finish cleaning the room adjacent to the kitchen.

Emilia called for me saying 'yucky, yucky, wipes!' When I saw her, she was pointing at her backside so I thought she may be needing to use the potty.

Then she took me to the kitchen table pointed underneath it, where Arthur was hanging out. That's when I saw a log bigger than a tennis ball on the rug and another one a little further away.

That is not the worse part!

I picked her up and took her to the toilet, all the while yelling at Arthur to get away from the poo. Well, let's just say he didn't listen to me.

When I went back to clean up it was all gone. Arthur had it all in his mouth! I tried to get him to drop it, but he didn't. I wrestled for a couple of seconds with the idea of getting it out of his mouth, but thought better of it. I just got him out of the house.

Unfortunately it is over 100 degrees outside so I could only ban him for a little while before I started feeling bad. But from now on, I'm not letting him lick me.

I'm thinking about pouring some Listerine in his water bowl to take care of his bad breath.