Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

I'm trying to find something to cheer me up while Todd is sitting next to me trying to figure out exactly how much money we'll owe the IRS this year :0(
Emilia can usually make me laugh but since she's in bed pictures will have to do. On Sunday after church we colored easter eggs and hid them for Emilia to find. We all had a really good time.
I gave Emilia one of the color pills to drop in the water so that it would dissolve. She thought it was a smartie and instead put it in her mouth. It was there no more than one second but that was all it took for her lips and eventually her teeth to become blue.

Here are some pictures:

Emilia busy working

'Wow' is her reaction when the eggs change color after coming out of the water

Having fun as a family

The final product