Monday, April 20, 2009


Emilia got a new pair of Sunday shoes a couple of weeks ago. Since she first put them on she has not stopped wearing them (more or less). Needless to say, they are no longer her nice church shoes.
Tonight she decided she wanted to wear them with her pj's. Luckly Todd was able to talk her into taking them off before going to bed.

What a silly kid! She always makes me laugh.


Marie said...

That is cute! It is funny what kids will get attached to. Rebekah was a tomboy and I could never get a dress or shoes, ON her- but Piper is the exact opposite. I have been known once or twice to let Piper go to sleep in her "princess dress" just because I don't want the fight of getting it off. As parents, we must choose my battles wisely. =)

kieran said...

I love her new shoes; I think I would have a hard time taking them of too.
Graham is so into shoes, and whether they are new or not he always calls them his "new shoes".
I love that girl of yours, and I can't believe she'll be two.