Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm usually pretty good about what I eat but I've recently found a great weakness. I'm addicted to Walmart's Indulgent trail mix.

After having a whole bag in about 3 days I decided to read what exactly was in it. Here's the description on the packaging:
'A decadent, sweet and savory dream of white chocolatey drops, chocolate drops, peanut butter drops, golden raisins, craisins, peanuts, cashews and almonds'

I still haven't dared to look at the nutritional section to see how bad it is for me. I'm ashamed to admit I just bought another bag today for the trek at the end of the week. I should have bought two :)

Those of you who know me well know that I'm not a big chocolate fan and I don't really care for peanut butter so I'm a bit surprised by how much I like it.

So, what's your addiction? What's something you can't turn down?


Gwen said...

Pringles (original and sour cream & onion). Peanut butter crackers, Cheetos and rice krispie treats. Yep, that just about sums it up. Oh yeah, I like to wash it down with Sunny D or Simply Lemonade! Ahhh :o)

Marie said...

Chocolate. I'm a hopeless chocoholic. And milk... I start freaking out if there is only a half gallon of milk in the house. I could live off of those two things. Well, at least I could TRY to live off of those!

Melissa said...

First of all, when I saw the picture - even before I read your post - I couldn't believe it. I thought, "...but Romy doesn't like chocolate!" So my worst (but not only)addiction and/or vice would have to be cokes, and that includes pepsi, coke, sunkist, etc.

Kendra said...

So I love the Cadbury mini chocolate eggs, that only come at Easter time. I buy enough to hopefully last me until June, and that is if I don't share and never put them in the candy dish, actually I have other candy for that. I'm horrible, but I love them, and they only come once a year! I love that trail mix too!

Nicole said...

I tried some and love it. We need to buy a stash for camp.