Sunday, February 8, 2009

Make up

I keep saying to Todd that I need to post on my blog but I haven't found the time. I finally have a minute to myself! I can't believe how quickly my schedule has filled up with tasks now that I am staying at home.

One of the resolutions I had when I quit working was that I was still going to take care of myself. I still wake up early, exercise, get dressed and do my hair and makeup. Emilia has picked up on that. She really enjoys putting on makeup and accessorizing.

A couple of days ago she got a hold of some blush and decided to try it on. She still doesn't know the difference between blush, eyeshadow and lip gloss, so it usually gets all over her face.

That is not the only thing she's learning from me. As I've said before, I'm a stickler for order an cleanliness in my house. So, after Emilia is learning to pick up her toys after playing with them. Now she can't leave things laying around.

We went to the playground yesterday and some kids kicking soccer balls around. One of them left their ball to go play on the monkey bars. Emilia left the sand box, picked up the ball and took it to the boy who was hanging on the bars.

In nursery, once she is done coloring, she usually picks up her crayons and those of the other kids and begins putting them away - even if she's the only one that is done.

It's just so much fun (and a little scary) to observe how much she is learning from day to day. I can see the bulb turning on in her head when she makes the connection between a word and it's meaning.

These are some more pictures from today. Emilia loves to dance to the soundtrack from Madagascar 2 'I like to move it, move it' or ' moo, moo' as she calls it. If you haven's seen her dance, you should click on the link from my Christmas posting. You'll definitively get a good laugh.