Sunday, January 25, 2009

The ReMARKable Foundation 5K Run

Last Saturday I did a 5K run in support of Mark Evans- a husband, father of four and breadwinner for his family- who in April of 2007 was hit by a car while riding in his motorcycle and became paralized from the chest down.

It was great to see him there with his family cheering the runners. His happy attitude after all the challanges he's had to face is humbling.
I felt so energized from the run that I decided to step up my morning walks with my friend Nicole and begin running. Wish me luck!


Gwen said...

Good for you guys! Personally, I prefer running than walking. I just feel so much better when I run. I hope you enjoying running too. Good luck!

kieran said...

What a wonderful thing to do. And to start running that's even better. I know I am feeling good if I am running. I guess I haven't felt good lately because it has been awhile. But who wants to run in snow, yuck!
I gave you an award for your blog. A Lemonade award to be exact. I love that you share family memories and you give me a glipse into life at your house. We miss you guys. The kids are still planning a trip. Come check my blog out to clame your prize.

Nicole said...

Yes, we have stepped it and its killing me. No, just kidding I have seen some changes. Thanks for being my personal trainer.