Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm thankful for the police

On Monday evening Todd went to Great Clips to have his hair cut. On his way out he got distracted by a phone call and left his leather jacket there. We realized it was missing on Tuesday but it was too late to pick it up so on Wednesday I stopped by the store at 9:00 am when they opened.

When I asked for the coat, one of the hair dressers who remembered seeing it on Monday, went to the employee office area to pick it up, only she couldn't find it. It was missing!

Even before I went there on Wednesday I had a feeling that the coat would not be there, so I wasn't surprised when they told me they didn't know where it had gone. I asked if I could look for it myself and searched through every drawer, cabinet, behind every door, etc. NOTHING.

They took my information and told me they would ask the other employees and get back to me. Thursday and Friday came with no news. Todd stopped a few times to get an update but they kept telling us the same story. They didn't know what happened but anyone could have taken the jacket since the door was open.

I didn't buy it. Who would steal a coat knowing they would have to walk in front of everyone at the salon to exit. Especially on a slow day such as Tuesday.

Finally on Saturday I've had enough. Todd went by one more time to get contact information for the store owner. We weren't sure that he was aware of what his staff had been doing. The shift manager wasn't very helpful or sympathetic. She was the one that had put the coat away on Monday and knew it was still there on Tuesday when she returned. She told him that clients left things behind all of the time and nothing had ever been stolen. She was certain that her girls did not take it.

While Todd was a Great Clips I filed a police report on-line. Within two hours we received a message from the store telling us that Todd's coat had been misplaced but found.

When Todd went to pick it up the girl that helped him told us that the police had come by and taken someone with them. He asked for the store manager but she had gone home "early". My bet is that she was the one who took the coat. She wasn't lying when she said that her girls didn't take it.

I'm so proud to live in Arlington a city where the police takes action even on little incidents such as this one.