Friday, December 12, 2008

♪ I looked out the window and what did I see?♪

♪ Shingles falling on my drivewa-y ♪ We're getting a new roof. I can honestly say yesterday I didn't have a roof over my head. It's been quite an experience.

Yesterday things were just flying off the roof. Shingles, styrofoam insulation, gutters, nails were laying all across the lawn and on our driveway. It took the crew about four hours to clean up their mess. I can't complain about their work. They moved all of my potted plants and yard decorations before beging to work and covered the windows with plywood to protect it from the debry.

They were banging so hard that some of our pictures fell, luckly nothing broke. Emilia even managed to take a nap while they were working on the roof right above her room. Go figure!

The scarriest part was getting out of the house. I had to yell to get the crew's attention so I could run out to my car without being hit by debris.
Today they are laying down the radiant barriew, which should really help with our heating and cooling bills. The reflection from the sun was so bright, the crew had to wear sunglasses while installing it.

I'm really impressed by the equilibrium they have. They run up and down the steep roof without a second thought. I've seen them lean forward standing on the edge of the roof with an electric saw and cutting wood. Scarry!

My original roof

Ripping off the shingles and insulation

Some of the debris

Laying down the radiant barrier