Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Todd

Yesterday we celebrated Todd's birthday. Happy Birthday Honey!
Emilia really enjoyed unwrapping the gifts, crumpling the wrapping paper and throwing it away.

Todd really enjoyed his new Guitar Hero game. It's been fun to see Emilia sit on daddy's lap as he plays.

We spent most of the day winterizing our garden boxes and raking the leaves from our neighbour trees on our lawn. This was a first for Todd. He's never lived in a place warm enough to do yard work on his birthday.

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kieran said...

I am so jealous of Todd's guitar hero! I've been dying to get that. Maybe if Santa brings us a Wii, we can think about that for one of our birthdays. Does Todd love it? Did he have a good birthday? Of coarse we were thinking of you yesterday, we were dipping chocolates and two extra pair of hands would have made work a lot faster. This year we didn't finish until... I don't know, 5:30! Yuck! Hope all is well.