Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Skiing at Brighton

This year we got Carson and Emilia season ski rentals. We wanted them to lean to ski and going once a year, like they have done in the past is not sufficient exposure to the sport.

Sally Davis has been great enough to offer to take them up whenever she goes with Claire. So they have already been up twice this season.

The second time was on December 27th, when they drove for more than an hour trying to find parking to no avail. Finally, they left discourage but resolved to try again the next day.

Kevin Davis went up with Todd the following morning. The day was really cold, gray and snowing. Not ideal, but they were able to graduate from the kids runs and go up the beginner lifts.

Every time they go, they learn something new. We have purchased better gloves for them, and change a few things to make it more comfortable for them to be out there.

 We have enjoyed several snow storms over the past few days and even the kids at home are playing in it. Andrew and Stella have gotten pretty good at gathering all of the gear required for them to play in the snow.

Just yesterday, Andrew insisted in going outside dressed as a princess so he loaded up with snow pants and boots, coat, gloves and hat and then put her Belle dressed on top. He was a happy kid playing in the snow dressed like a minion princess.