Monday, December 31, 2018

New Oven

Our double oven finally gave up on us on Saturday. It was as old as the house, and not my favorite appliance. Little by little the kitchen appliances have died requiring us to upgrade them. All that is left in the kitchen from when we moved into the house is the gas stove. I imagine it will be a while before we replace it.

I like the idea of updating the look of the kitchen from white to stainless. On the other, I don't like the expense.

We knew the day was coming when the electronic display starting to fade and became really hard to read. So we went to the traditional home improvement stores to see what they had in stock. Their products were super expensive and the ones I was willing to buy left a lot to be desire.

I happened to be looking on KSL for a used oven when I came across an ad for a company that sells directly to contractors but that will sell to the public as cash and carry.

The price and brand of the product were right, and the reviews for the company were positive also. Paul, the salesmen responded to my email the next day and we arranged to meet at his warehouse a day later.

He was knowledgeable, very friendly and not push at all! We chose to buy a 30" oven to replace the 27" we had since they were both the same price.

He helped us load it and strap it to our trailer and emailed us that evening to ensure that we had made it home allright.

Once home, our neighbor came over to unload our oven from the cabinet. Ryan, our wonderful home teacher also came and stayed for a while while we figure out how to hook the new one into the electrical system (The new oven did not come with a plug just to wires).

Todd spent sometime measuring the cabinet and cutting the wood to fit the new ovens.  Afterward, Ryan came over one more time to help lift up the 300 lbs oven into the cabinet.