Saturday, December 8, 2018

Granstville Live Nativity

I saw an ad for a live nativity in Grantsville, UT. The Davis' have family in the area so I invited them to join us. The two families and Kevin's parents who live a couple of miles from it, drove to see it.

The nativity itself was underwhelming, but we made the most of the 30 minutes we spent there.

The younger kids were fascinated by the camel and enjoyed the free hot cocoa that kept them warm on such a cold night.

Afterward we stopped at a gas station to pick up a couple of boxes of crickets. Dave Wallace, with whom I work lives in the area and had taken some to the office as a dare. I thought they tasted fine and decided to get some so the kids could also try them.

Emilia, Claire, Sally and Todd had one. Nobody else was interested in eating them. They are mostly air, but their legs tend to get stuck in between your teeth.