Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Emilia's 6th grade science fair

Emilia's school requires each 6th grader to submit a science project to their science fair. Hers compares the efficacy of lotion vs spray sunscreen in protecting the skin against the harmful effects of the sun which are known to lead, among other things, to melanoma.

Melanoma is a preventable disease with proper skin protection and has a 90% survival rate, if detected early.

To conduct the experiment, Emilia coated ziplock bags filled with UV sensitive beads, with various types of sunscreen and measure their reaction to the sun every 20-30 minutes.

Her hypothesis was that lotion would be better at protecting the skin, but spray did just as good.

Her science project was one of eight, out of the entire school, who was chosen to advance to the district level competition.

We were surprised and happy to see her work rewarded.

Way to go Emilia!!!