Monday, December 24, 2018

Resealing Tile Grout

I have been saving for months to redo the tile in my kitchen and adjacent areas. It is over 700 sq feet of existing tile that needs to be removed, and replaced.

I thought I had enough money set aside to do it when the electronic component in our oven gave out. It was going to be several hundreds of dollars to replace the part or several thousands to replace the oven.

The oven display light got dimmer and dimmer, so I was hoping it would hold out for a while but it stopped working all together and we were left without a functioning oven.

While trying to decide what to do, I came across a product called Polyblend Grout Renew Colorant. It's a color sealant that sits on top your existing grout, changing the color of the grout line.

I spent several days with my steamer in one hand, and a spray bottle of cleaning solution and toothbrush in the other. I methodically steamed, sprayed and scrubbed every linear foot of grout. It was a painstakingly slow and tedious process. One that I only completed because I knew it would be re-sealed afterward.

The tile grout went from brown to a light gray. The dirty water just lifted and spread out into the tile whenever the steamer ran through the grout line. 

After this process was completed, Todd and I began to apply the color sealant to the grout line.

We tried all kinds of methods, and found that toothbrushes were the best way to do it. It took us two days to complete the project. By the end my wrists and knees hurt from being on a hard surface for so long.

The end result was all worth it. My floors look like new! I will be able to enjoy the floor for a while longer and buy the new oven that I need.