Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Morning 2018

Christmas morning came at 6:30 am at our home. The kids were excited to see what Santa had brought them. They patiently waited while I got dressed for the day but as soon as I told them they could go into the room, they bolted.

Andrew got the biggest gift from Santa. A castle that he now uses to play with his princesses. Nonna gave his a set of Sofia the First characters. We had him open that last because we knew he would love it more than anything else he received, and we were right. After getting his Princess Sofia mini dolls, everything else was forgotten.

Stella received a kindle tablet from Santa. Something that she has wished having since her siblings received theirs last Christmas. She also got a fun sticker coloring book, hair chalk and a board game.

Carson got an electric scooter, so he can keep up with Emilia out and around the neighborhood. He also got several Nintendo switch games he was hoping to receive.

Santa gave Emilia art supplies, an anime drawing book and a light tracing pad. She has been teaching herself how to draw anime characters so I think the book will surely help. She also receive several books and a night lamp for her room.

Todd got more car gadgets (dash cam, remote keyless start) while I got a smart mop robot, an orange press and exercise accessories.

After opening all of our gifts, we spent some time on a video call with my family in Atlanta before heading over to Todd's parents house for an early Christmas dinner.

It was a pleasant and relaxing day, where the kids enjoyed discovering and playing with their new toys.