Saturday, September 29, 2018

Geocaching Merit Badge

During the month of September I have been helping my local scout troupe attain their Geocaching Scout Merit Badge. During my first lesson, I only had three boys show up. Then the word started spreading and by the last week we had all six boys in attendance.

I enjoy geocaching, but I have to admit, I am a novice at it. Sister Pat Nell, who is also in our ward has more experience with geocaching. She also has several handheld GPS units that she uses with her family whenever the go geo-hunting.  So, when I agreed to help, I enlisted her assistance.

On Saturday, September 30th the boys who had attended all of the preparatory lessons, where ready for this last requirement. We took them out to the Jordan River Parkway geocaching. We all had a blast. Later that same weekend, our family went to the same spot for family pictures and our kids were able to find some of the same caches with me.