Monday, September 24, 2018

Arches National Park

Our friends the Pacini's invited us to join them for a weekend camping trip to Arches National Park. We stayed at the Juniper group campsite, together with five other families. The site was a kids' playground. We were surrounded by rock formation that were the perfect size for the kids to climb and explore.

We arrived on Friday evening and had to set up camp in the dark. On Saturday morning, after breakfast we headed down to Delicate Arch. The hike was a bit challenging for Andrew, who wished to be carried during the most steep parts of the trail. On the way back though, he skipped and ran all the way down.

After a reprieve from the exertion and the heat of the hike, we decided to venture to Landscape Arch. Another iconic sight at the park. While watching the arch we spotted several deer grazing under it.

There is a sand hill tucked into a narrow, at the beginning of the hike. The kids had a blast running up the hill and racing down.
After the hike we headed back to camp for dinner and games. By that point, Andrew was exhausted, so I laid down with him in the tent and called it a night, while the rest of the group played games and roasted s'mores.

The next morning we packed up and drove back to Salt Lake City.