Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Basement Floor Upgrade

Our dog Arthur suffers from anxiety. Every time we return from traveling from out of town he will urinate on the carpet floor downstairs. And, even though we have treated and cleaned the carpet stains, there is a lingering smell that just won't go away.

When Todd suggested the only way to remedy the issue was to change the floor, and that he was willing to do it, I jumped at the offer.

With the help of the kids, we moved the furniture and ripped up the carpet and pad in one evening. It took a couple of  nights to clear up the glue, nails and other debris.

Finally, it came time to install the new floor. Todd and I had installed laminate before, but it had been a few years. The project was pretty straight forward except for the closets and doorways. The new floor really transformed the space. Now, we actually enjoy spending time in that part of the house.