Sunday, June 3, 2018

Super Hero Fun Run

My kids charter school has a sister school in Zambia. Each year, the local campuses rally together to raise funds to help with book, uniforms, and other needs.

This year the school had a lofty goal of raising $10,000 to bring water to the school and with it provide not only sanitation but access to potable water for the kids.

The campaign was called Heroes for Zambia. Each of the kids could contribute to the fund by registering to attend a fun run. They could raise additional funds by promoting the event and fundraiser online or in their communities.

I decided to enroll the three kids on the run. It was a fun evening, albeit the run was a little challenging. The course was set up at a rodeo ground and some of the race was on loose gravel. My kids did OK, but there were several kids who trip on the gravel and injured themselves.

One of my favorite things about APA, aside from their academic approach, is their patriotism and how they value citizenship and civic duty. Before the beginning of the 5K race, the radio announcer switched from pop music to National Anthem. Parents and youth alike, turned to face the flag, placed their right hand to their heart and began to sing in unison the first and third verse of "The Star-Spangled Banner".

The outcome of the fundraiser was phenomenal. Not only were they able to reach the $10,000 goal. They raised over $40,000 overall. We have some amazing and generous families at our school.