Sunday, June 3, 2018

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was on a Saturday. So we spent the morning doing the usual chores with the family. Finally, in the afternoon, I was able to really celebrate my special day. I received a discount coupon to Rodizion Grill, an upscale all you can eat Brazilian restaurant downtown.

I happen to receive a gift card from a vendor at work, so between the two promos, we were able to afford to take the entire family there for lunch. The kids loved the food and the experience. Now they are asking to go there for their birthday dinners.

Later, a friend of ours watched the kids while Todd and I met with the Whitney's for a fun evening at Boondocks. It would not have been my first choice since I've never been before, but I enjoyed it. We played laser tag and some other shooting game, which Todd and Jordan enjoyed and were really good at. I had a blast riding the go-karts on the track and miniature golfing.

Later we went to Red Robin for dinner and finished up with a free birthday shake from Iceberg. It was a really fun day. I truly enjoyed doing something different than usual for my birthday.