Thursday, June 28, 2018

Emilia STEM Camp

This summer Emilia has been taking several STEM classes. Every week she learns how to code in Java through a class offered by the local library.

In addition, she attended a two-day camp at the Discovery Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. The camp was all about exposing kids to new technologies.

During the various classes, she was taught how to design something for 3-D printing. She also made digital music, programmed a robot, created a website and coded games.

I want my daughters to know that science, and especially technology, is a field open to everyone.  Early and consistent exposure to technology and science at home has led Emilia to love and excel in those subjects at school. She ranked above the 90th percentile in the state-wide testing for science this year. I attribute some of her success to what we have been doing at home and I hope she will continue to love it as time goes on.