Saturday, June 30, 2018

American Fork Canyon

An acquaintance recommended Tibble Creek Reservoir in American Fork Canyon as a fun place for the family to visit.

I mentioned it over dinner to the family and we decided we would do our chores on Friday and enjoy the day at Tibble Creek.

We ended up sleeping in and didn't reach the reservoir until 11 am. The place looked pretty busy so we decided to keep going and drove up along a 3-mile dirt road to Silver Lake.

The views along the way were gorgeous, albeit scary. The dirt path was narrow and I inwardly cringe every time we had to pull off to the rim to make room for an extra large truck going the opposite direction to pass us.

Eventually, we reached the lake.  We were all dressed for the water and ready to get in until we got out of the car.  The temperature had dropped to 68F and a cold persistent wind made it feel even cooler. Stella was unphased by the temperature and went directly into the water to play.

We spent a few minutes skipping rocks, and watching Stella in the water but in the end, we were just too cold to enjoy Silver Lake.

We once again hopped into the car and drove down the canyon where the temperatures were a lot milder. We found a picnic area and had a great time climbing over fallen logs and throwing rocks into the stream.