Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday, April 6 - Koh Samui

Today was our free day on the island. After breakfast we decided to take out the complimentary hotel canoes out for a ride across the bay. We ended up going around the point onto the other side. The water was quite choppy in certain areas, making it hard to get where we were aiming to go and pushing us towards the rocks. In the end, we went around a little island and reached another bay that connected with ours.
There are some corals right outside our hotel. The water was so shallow, due to the low tide, we could see fish swimming inside the water among the various coral. We kayaked all the way to the opposite side of the bay to a more remote area of our beak where the cicadas were so loud that I questioned whether I was hearing their call or something else entirely.
After returning the canoes we walked back into town where Todd got his first pedicure and I got a foot scrub massage. Todd’s toes look amazing and so do the back of my heels. The heat of the day is unbearable, so after getting our massage we spend some time at the restaurant deciding what to do the rest of our time in Koh Samui.
We checked out some shops on the way back to our hotel but the prices are so much higher than what we paid for souvenirs in Chiang Mai that it’s not even worth bargaining. Once we reached our hotel I spent a couple of hours inside our air conditioned room looking at hotels in Phuket and transportation options from Koh Samui to Phuket while Todd took a nap. Once the weather cooled down, around 5pm, we headed out to the beach to swim. The water was cool and shallow for a long way out. Todd and Jordan walked as far as they could and then swam out to a boat anchored in the bay. Afterward we got into the hotel’s infinity pool, which felt like a bathtub. It was really nice. For some reason, I still struggled to stay awake past 8pm. We have been eating dinner late, and we are usually at the dinner table when I feel like I can hardly keep my eyes open. The local restaurants all have very large menus with dozens of options. I think they believe that if they make all types of foods, they can cater to every taste and attract all customers. Last night was the worst case yet. We were given two sets of menus, each with over 50 meal options.

Once we finally narrowed down our choices and picked a meal, we were told that Todd’s dinner and dessert choices were not available. So, it was back to square one for him. We have learned to have a back up choice, especially for drinks and desserts.