Monday, March 5, 2018

Bryce Canyon & Page AZ - Day 2

Friday, February 23rd

Today, after breakfast, the kids went swimming again. The weather outside was COLD! The temperature at breakfast was 14F. We had four inches of new snow on our car. We left our hotel at 11am and drove to Bryce Canyon National Park.

The road was closed due to snow past the Bryce Point lookout. We drove to it and enjoyed some beautiful views of the canyon. The path was plowed in some areas, part of the way was covered with compacted snow. The kids enjoyed goofing off in the snow and made up a new game they called skleeing - part sledding, part skiing.

We also stopped to see Inspiration Point. The views were amazing. The snow shimmered in the sunlight. Even though the outdoor temperature was only 24 degrees Farenheit the bright sun and no wind made it really enjoyable.

We planned on eating at the Lodge, but it was closed during the off season. Instead we had an amazing lunch at Bryce Canyon Pine. They are known for their pies, so we decided to try the banana blueberry and boysenberry. They were both incredibly good.

After lunch we drove two and a half hours to Page, Arizona. The temperature there was twice what we had in Bryce.

After checking into our hotel, we hiked down to the Glen Canyon Overlook. The view of the dam and Lake Powell were breathtaking.

Stella took some great pictures of Todd and me. Every time she snapped a picture her whole face dissapeared behind the camera. Totally adorable!

We stopped for dinner at a mexican restaurant named Tapatio. The food was really good, large portions and really affordable. Several tables ordered flaming fajitas. The waiter would bring the platter to the table, pour alcohol in front of the customer and light it on fire. Andrew was intimidated by the fire. It was ‘too loud’ - that is how he describes anything that scares him.