Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

We celebrated the new year at our home with a couple of friends: the Whitney's and the Davis family.

The adults played a board game while the kids played with each other in their rooms. Every hour the nine kids came back to open a surprise bag with small toys.

The most popular entertainment was the game Rock Band. Kids and grownups alike got excited about singing and playing the various instruments.

The time really flew by and since the kids were behaving so well, we decided to celebrate the new year at midnight local time, instead of 10 pm.

After the countdown in the theater room, we moved to the playroom for the balloon dropped and confetti. At midnight the last treat bag contained glow sticks. So, after the countdown was over we turned off all of the lights and let them dance in the dark among the confetti and balloonswith their glowsticks for light. They thought it was really cool.

We had a ton of happy faces balloons around the room. Todd commented on the fact it looked like walking through Walmart surrounded by rollback smiley faces.

Jordan brought his camera and light equipment so we were able to take some fun shots of the group and our family.