Monday, December 11, 2017


Sometimes I wonder if Andrew and I will survive 'til his third birthday. He is the most curious and adventurous of my four kids.

He is always going through my jewelry box trying on watches, rings or whatever he can find. He also loves wearing Stella's dress-up shoes.

The other day he got into our bathroom closet and pulled out a bottle of blue nail polish while I was in the office (probably blogging).

All of a sudden I heard him cry. All mom know when a child is in actual pain versus tired or frustrated. This was a painful cry.

I rushed to him and found he had painted both eyes with the nail polish and dropped the bottle on the carpet.

I placed his face in the water and cleaned as much as possible off of his face before taking the picture. I am so grateful to the internet telling me what to do. Andrew was uncomfortable for about an hour and carried around a towel for comfort.

Later that same day he was wearing pink lipgloss all over his eyelid....

Andrew loves removing the outlet covers and plugging things into the outlets. He also loves sticking things, including himself into the oven, ringing the doorbell incessantly, and getting into his siblings' rooms to go through their things.

Last Saturday the kids were playing hide and go seek in the house. All of a sudden Emilia comes to me crying with blood on her hands and head.  Andrew had accidentally tripped on the power cord of a lamp causing it to fall down and hit Emilia on her head. It was only a superficial injury but there was much blood involved. She had a headache for a short while, but she was fine enough to play with the Whitney girls rather quickly.

Here is the picture she drew of the event, the following day while at church. I love all of the detail in her picture. She even captured the orange cone that has been on our street for months.